The Man who Stopped WW3


The story of how the actions of a single man, saved the world from nuclear apocalypse. Documentary withgritty dramatic reconstruction, set in a Russian Sub. The film sets out to show the untold story of one of the most dangerous moments in human history. 

Bedlam Production.

Director: Nick Green. 

LP: Laura Burrows/Eaton Fitzpatrick. 

Ex Producer: Simon Breen


Nuclear Secrets. Spies, Lies and the Superbomb.
Planes that Changed the World: SR71 Blackbird
Planet of the Ape-man: Battle for the Planet.
Diana. Last days of a Princess
Nuremberg. Nazis on Trial. Speer
Rise Of The Continents. Africa
Jungle Atlantis: Angkor Wat’s Hidden Megacity
Kigali Genocide Memorial
Moon Shot: The Flight of Apollo 11
No Man Left Behind
Paranormal Witness. Mojave Incident
The Man who Stopped WW3
Hawking. A Remarkable Story Of A Beautiful Mind
Blackbeard. Terror at Sea
China's Emperor of Evil
Finding Jesus
Warriors. King Richard the Lion Heart
The Night Stalker
The Funeral. A Short film